Perimeter Perambulation Sponsorship Form

Brethren, in the New Year, Richard and his helpers will be raising awareness of the Perimeter Perambulation in the hope that you will support this effort with a personal donation on  In addition to personal donations there is also the opportunity for your Lodge to support his efforts and like the Barge Pull these will count towards your Lodge’s contributions to the MBF Festival 2023.  A Lodge sponsorship form can be downloaded below.  I am sure we all wish Richard and his companions all the best in this huge effort, to walk 230 miles around the periphery of our Province.

Jim Steggles

Provincial Grand Master

Season’s Greetings from the Provincial Grand Master

To all Mark Master Masons and Royal Ark Mariners who access this web site over Christmas, I would like to congratulate you all on your achievements and thank you for your unstinting support for the Province during 2018. I wish you and your loved ones a very merry Christmas and a happy, prosperous, but above all a healthy and successful New Year.


2018 saw the dedication of a new Mark Provincial Banner, the Centenary Meeting of Welcome Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners and the Consecration of the new Rugby Football R.A.M. Lodge, as well as the inaugural joint meeting of our Sheffield Lodges and a host of other Social events.


For the Festival, we pulled a Barge and hosted a Masonic Variety Show, as well as enjoying a multitude of Lodge Festival events. Thank you all for your tremendous efforts in support of our Festival so far, but please do get involved in organising those Lodge events. They will be critical to the eventual success of our Festival in 2023.


2019 will be another very busy year, with Peace Mark Lodge Centenary in March, 60’s Concerts in April, a Classic Car event in June, the Consecration of a Provincial Grand Stewards’ Lodge and two Banner Dedications (Dates T.B.A.), as well as all our usual Events. And please don’t forget the Provincial Meeting itself, which in 2019 will be held on 13th April, the Saturday before Easter.

For the Festival next year our Past Deputy Provincial Grand Master, V.W.Bro. Richard Puttrell will be attempting to walk around the Province, some 230 miles, and you can sponsor him by clicking on the ‘Perimeter Perambulation’ link on the Home Page of this web site.

So I look forward to working very closely with you all once again in 2019, but in the meantime please take care of yourselves over Christmas and I extend my very best wishes to you and your families for the Festive Season.


God Bless you all – and Mark Well.


Jim Steggles

Provincial Grand Master

A very large chunk of ‘Deja Vu’ at Truth Lodge Of Mark Master Masons No. 137

Thursday, 15th November 2018 and the installation of the Worshipful Master for the ensuing year took place at the Lodge of Truth Mark Master Masons No. 137 at Greenhead Masonic Hall. This was much how it happened five years earlier when Worshipful Brother Graham Daniel took the hot seat. The Installing Master was Worshipful Brother Richard Brooke, and yes it was the same again, a shorter ceremony but beautifully handled by W.Bro. Richard.

The Lodge had been opened in due form by W.Bro.Richard after which the Assistant Provincial Grand Master, Worshipful Brother Trevor Bolton was admitted, accompanied by Worshipful Brother Mark Kenyon, Elected member of the Charity Committee together with an appropriate Escort, all under the guidance of Worshipful Brother Charles Lindsay, Provincial Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies. Having placed W.Bro.Graham in the Chair and dealt with the minor details, W.Bro. Richard relied on his Past Master colleagues and was not disappointed. The Working Tools were presented and explained by W.Bro. John Bramley; The Key Stone Collaret with reference to its provenance and importance as part of the Lodge furniture by W.Bro.Walter Pell and the Lodge festival Grand Patron Collaret by W.Bro. Philip Dunn.

Appointment and Investiture of Officers suitably despatched the Addresses were then superbly presented by:

Worshipful Master ​​​​W.Bro. Richard

Wardens​​​​​ W.Bro.John Bramley

Overseers​​​​​ W.Bro.Richard and

Brethren​​​​​ W,Bro, Trevor, APGM.

The remaining business undertaken , but with a special mention for W.Bro. George Foster, the Almoner, a most comprehensive report indicative of the very caring man he is, well done W.Bro.George, all adjourned.The Festive Board was a delight prompting many reminiscences of the delights of Mothers Stew and Dumplings,  I am sure that I will be at Greenhead again this Masonic year, hope that they are on the menu then.

Toasts then proceeded wit that to the Province, commonly the crawlers toast, submitted by W.Bro . Andrew Taylor, crawling not on the agenda , he is already there.  He affirmed that the Provincial officers are the back bone of a Lodge who are there at meetings because they want to attend not because they have to attend. This was acknowledged in his response by Trevor who drew attention to a new Lodge, to be known as the Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge which is to be established in 2019. As its name indicates it will be for those who have held the Office of Provincial Grand Steward, the Senior Officers will be selected by the PGM who will then select the Junior Warden in future years, it will have two meetings per annum.. Full details will be sent out before the year end, if you qualify and are interested , put your name forward. In addition Worshipful Brother Richard Puttrell will, next year, undertake a Perimeter Perambulation’. The route will take in the Masonic Halls at Pontefract, Castleford, Wetherby, Knaresborough, Ripon, Barnoldswick, Bottoms, Uppermill, Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster, Thorne and Goole, these being those on the periphery of the Province. This will involve thirteen days of walking along footpaths, bridle ways and some roads bringing the total of miles covered to approximately 230 mile. If you are interested in joining him for any part of this mammoth effort, contact details are on he web site.

The Toast to the Charities was ably discharged by W.Bro. Philip Dunn , the response I the hands of W.Bro. Mark who emphasised that the MBF fund mainly national causes whilst the Cleeves and Whitehead  is the ‘go to’ Charity locally; bear in mind it is unique and provides a very quick response. Sadly, despite numerous exhortations, the number of Brethren donating  by regular standing order remains stubbornly at 28%, please give this some thought. The JW, Bro. Roger welcomed all the visitors  and warmly expressed the hope that they would return. This was echoed by W.Bro David Mann who congratulated the Officers on a job well done, a superb example of team work, it reminded him of Huddersfield Town AFC, Yorkshire’s only premier League club. I am only repeating what he said!!!

Finally a delight to see two Masters in the Chair present, W.Bro.Bev Heywood Peace681 and W.Bro.Alan Hampshire Beaumont 1523 together with W.Bro. Stephen Spooner, President of the Hudds, Halifax IMA, he is certainly flying the flag as President.  

Smile, be happy, we are all Mark Master Masons

Mark and Royal Ark Mariner 2018 Family Carol Service


The Provincial Grand Master and Joan invite you to join them at Brighouse Central Methodist Church on Sunday 9th December for our annual Mark and Royal Ark Mariner Family Carol Service. The Service starts at 2.30 and Family and friends of all ages are welcome.

As well as the usual Service and Carols, there will be several readings by West Yorkshire Mark Brethren and Choir items, followed by tea and biscuits in the Church Hall. It usually concludes by about 4.00 pm.

The church itself is warm and comfortable and there is ample close by parking.

As the PGM often says, this is a lovely way to start off the Christmas period.

Elvis at Fearnley AGAIN!!!


If you wish to support Rod Dyer’s Elfis (see what I did there?) Afternoon on Sunday 2nd December, please book, to ensure he has enough Fearnley meat pie on order.

12:30 start for a couple of drinks and an Elvis based quiz, followed by steak pie with chips and a two spot set from top Elvis act, Kirk Kreole.

Mirfield Masonic Hall, King Street, Mirfield.

Please book with Rod Dyer on or give him a bell on 07764 887117

All profits to the West Yorkshire MBF Festival 2023

Dress as you like, just bring £20 each.

On Sunday 22nd July last members and guests of Fearnley Mark Lodge were treated to a spectacular event featuring the one and only Elvis The event was held in aid of the West Yorkshire  Mark Benevolent Fund and organised by the one and only Worshipful Brother Rod Dyer; it was supported by our own Deputy Provincial Grand Master Alan Oldfield, no he did not sing so everyone enjoyed themselves.

Read all about it here, See you there

Gala Christmas Ball – 1st Dec 2018 – (Only 28 Dinner/Ball tickets remaining)

All overnight rooms at the hotel are now FULLY BOOKED.

Only twenty eight Dinner and dance tickets available.

Act now or be disappointed

Christmas Gala Ball

To book please use the form below.

The Gothic Lodge of Mark Master Masons No.1018- Escorted visit

A veritable cascade of Mark Master Masons descended upon the Masonic Hall Swinton to support both the Lodge and the Provincial Grand Master, James Steggles G.M.R.A.C., in fact probably of the order sixty six but a number had failed to sign the register so the total remains a mystery. We also had the honour of witnessing the advancement of Bro.Graham Young who I later discovered  was using the Apron of his wife, Irene. She is at present the Senior Warden of St Barnabas Mark Lodge  in Bawtry and, all things being equal, will be Installed in the Chair next year with a very proud Graham waiting outside!

The Worshipful Master Neil Park professionally despatched the opening procedures when , upon a report, Worshipful Brother Andrew Brown, renowned caravanner, was admitted to announce that the PGM demanded admission, which duly followed. All appropriately seated, W.Bro. Neil offered the gavel which was declined, if it had been accepted the Provincial officers would have had to take the ceremony and R.W.Bro.Jim thought that would take too long. The candidate was then admitted under the guidance of the  Senior and Junior Deacons, respectively W.Bro Alan Gilby and W.Bro. Tony Tarver.

The W.M. then lead from the front impressively taking Bro. Graham through his obligation, then later explaining the Signs and Secrets in fine fashion. In between the Overseers, with a little bit of drama did their duty and the Working Tools were inculcated by W.Bro. Jack Anderson Finally the Conclusion delivered with feeling by W.Bro Trevor Brown, a little nervy at the outset but persevered and discharged his task in superb form.  This was an Advancement that all involved can feel very proud of a job well done; oh I must not forget  that at Gothic the chants are sung by W,Bro George Crofts, very pleasant on the ear. The remaining business completed, hearty greetings were given, that from the Holders of Provincial Grand Rank to a cacophony of chairs being pushed back, I thought what a throng whereupon a colleague interjected, ‘No Duncan, an inconvenience’.

The Festive Board discharged, W.Bro. Neil submitted the Toast to the PGM, thanking him for finding time in a very busy schedule to come to Gothic. He congratulated R.W.Bro.Jim on setting an example of warmth and brotherly love that we all should follow, always a smile on his face. In reply the PGM reminded all of the Annual Provincial Meeting of the Provincial Grand Lodge of West Yorkshire to take place on Saturday, 13th April 2019.all welcome. He congratulated Bro. Graham on becoming a Mark Master Mason and presented him with a copy of the year book but to save time he delegated V.W.Bro. John Morgan to traverse the room and deliver the item. Lastly he mentioned the ‘Hope for Tomorrow Charity’,who, on the 5th November had delivered a Mobile Chemotherapy unit to Airedale Hospital, a very proud moment for all Mark Masons in the Province, this was the seventh to be commissioned, an eight is now in conversion. Rounding off a good meeting for Jim, he won a bottle of Famous Grouse in the Raffle.

Another moment to be a very happy to be a Mark Master Masons.

Worshipful Brother Duncan Smith P.G.S.D.

Communications Manager


Back by popular demand, a Neil Diamond Tribute Night

Evenings with Neil Diamond to enjoy his fantastic music, well not exactly because this was Worshipful Brother John Whitworth at his best. W. Bro. John is well known throughout the Province for his Charitable Fund raising and one hundred and twelve Guests joined him at Pontefract Masonic Hall on two nights,  Saturday, 27thst October and Saturday 3rd November.

These were in aid of the West Yorkshire Mark Benevolent Fund Festival 2023 which is now some three years into its journey. The proceeds will be donated to The Mark Benevolent Fund which is a registered Charity, No. 207610 and has disbursed many millions, not only to Individual Mark Master Masons, their relatives and dependents, but also major Grants to deserving Charities in the wider community. The current major project is a pledge of £3million to replace Ambulances and support vehicles for St John Ambulance.


The concerts were split into two halves with John performing for over two and a half hours, fantastic stamina for he is no spring chicken, and an excellent programme of Neil Diamond numbers but also some other classics. He had done some research and interspersed his performance with some interesting facts; apparently, ‘Crackling Rosie is not, as many including myself thought, a reference to a lady in Neil Diamond’s past life but the name of a bottle of wine. The superb number, ‘Beautiful Noise’ came about when he, and his family,  were in a New York Hotel room as a Puerto Rican festival parade past by which prompted his Daughter to comment, ‘what a beautiful noise’.

In the interval a very welcome Supper of Steak Pie, Mashed Potato and Mushy Peas was served which was delicious and a credit to John and his team at Pontefract Masonic Hall. The two nights yielded a combined sum of one thousand two hundred and seventy five pound which was presented to the Deputy Provincial Grand Master,  Worshipful Brother Alan Oldfield on Saturday 3rd November. This swells the amount that John’s efforts have yielded for the Festival and the Cleeves and Whitehead Trust  to twenty six thousand pounds, a phenomenal achievement. More impressive is the fact that over the thirty years he has been involved with Charity Fund raising the total is a tadge short of one hundred and forty seven thousand pounds, we are fortunate to have him in our ranks.

 At the event on the 27th October, the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master, James Steggles G.M.R.A.C. warmly thanked John for all he had done and looked forward to future concerts where we can continue to enjoy his talent. In that respect, he did trailer  the Concerts he will deliver in 2019 under the banner,  ‘Groups of the 60’s’ including a cameo of the Dave Clark Five and the hit, ‘Glad all over’, should be very good. They will be held again at Pontefract Masonic Hall on Saturdays, 30th March and 27th April, I will provide you with details and booking forms nearer the time but suggest you put a note in your diaries now.

Worshipful Brother Duncan Smith P.G.S.D.

Communications Manager

The Lodge of Eland No.493 Installation, W.Bro.James Wilson, just the man for the job.

An excellent attendance of fifty five Mark Master Masons  from our Province and others from East Lancashire, a wonderful atmosphere in the Temple. The Lodge was opened in due form by the Worshipful Master, Worshipful Brother David Thwaite when, upon a report, the Prov, A.G.D.C., Worshipful Brother Richard Brown was admitted and announced that the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, Worshipful Brother Alan Oldfield was in attendance and demanded admission. This was swiftly acknowledged and W.Bro.Alan entered together with Worshipful Brother Peter Riggall, Elected member of the Charity Committee. In accordance with custom, W.Bro. Alan was offered the gavel but advised that he was aware that the gavel had been made of a particular wood which had boomerang qualities so felt he had to decline.

The Master Elect, Worshipful Brother James Wilson was then presented by the D.C.  Worshipful Brother Andrew Brown, also the Prov.Dep.G.D.C., I will not go further, Andrew has so many titles I could use half a page.  This is the third time that W.Bro.Jim has taken the Chair and became necessary when a gap appeared in the succession ladder, ergo he will be doing two years after which he is confident that he will have polished it to a fine art. The Installation ceremony was then in the hands of W.Bro.David who obligated, explained the signs and secrets presented the Warrant and books of constitution etc, having placed W.Bro.Jim in the chair; during which time W.Bro.Andrew had explained the Working Tools and W.Bro. Clive Edwards the Keystone Collaret. The Addresses were then delivered by W.Bro. David to the W.M., W.Bro. Gary Crawford to the Wardens, W.Bro.Trevor Sykes to the Overseers and W.Bro.Alan to the Brethren.  A most impressive performance by all who took part, a joy to behold.

The remaining agenda items despatched, the Secretary, Worshipful Brother Keith Robinson arose to announce that he had been contacted by the Provincial Secretary of the Province of Devon who had in his possession a Past Masters Jewel, in solid gold, from1969. This belonged to W.Bro. Victor E R Appleton whose Great Granddaughter wished it to be returned to the Lodge and used by a Past Master for all time; this was presented to the W.M. by W.Bro. Keith. Interesting twist, W.Bro. Appletons initials spell VERA, his Mothers christian name, not a coincidence methinks; also W.Bro Appleton took  W.Bro. Trevor Sykes into Freemasonry.

The Festive Board beckoned and was gratefully received, to be followed by the Toasts, that to the Province in the hands of Worshipful Brother Stephen Bray.  He began by thanking the many holders of Provincial Grand. present for attending and swelling the numbers, particularly a plethora of Oldfields. He had been surprised to be asked to Propose the Toast to Province at this time as his honours are some two years away, no thatcould be  a minimum Stephen it may be longer, He felt that his own experience mirrored that of many others in the advice and assistance that he had received both before, and after taking the chair, a point well made. In response, W.Bro Alan congratulated W.Bro Jim on taking the chair for the third time ad also to W.Bro. David for a job very well done. He then reminded that the Annual Meeting of Provincial Grand lodge will take place at Bradford Grammar School on Saturday, 13th April 2019.  it is expected, and is a responsibility of the Office, that all Masters in the chair attend accompanied , if possible , by their Wardens and some Brethren. The Provincial Grand Master supports you, now time to reciprocate. An important issue is the protection of Data and Lodges would do well to consider using the corporate address of the Province, speak to the Secretariat. Finally, a plug, Sunday 2nd December, Elvis Tribute act at Fearnley Lodge No. 58, no not as a member but a singer , well worth a visit, I will be taking photos, oh dear

W.Bro. Gary Crawford proposed the Toast to the Charities which was acknowledged by W,.Bro. Peter Riggall who emphasised that we are fortunate in West Yorkshire to have the Jewel in the Crown, the Cleeves and Whitehead Trust, it is unique. Personal Donations continue to be made to the C & W, gift aid can be recovered, but the percentage of Brethren using standing orders is still stubbornly at 28%, please consider your present position but do not commit to more than you can afford. Almoners Luncheons with are to be held on 5th November and then 2nd April 2019, to be followed by the Annual Holiday to St Annes.

In his closing remarks, W.Bro Jim pointed out that as the W.M., when the calendar is produced for the following year he puts the dates for all Eland Mark meetings in his diary; this you must certainly do if you are an Officer which should ensure your attendance. Another wonderful evening of Mark Masonry, Smile and be happy.

Worshipful Brother Duncan Smith P.G.S.D.

Communications Manager

A bouncy, bouncy sort of evening for Brother Keith Harmer at Claro RAM. No. 525

The force was with us when the Sloop, the Claro Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners No. 525 embarked upon its voyage to confirm a new Worshipful, ‘Skipper’, Commander. Crew and visiting matelots all assembled on the quarter deck, the sails set and the lines tight,  Worshipful Brother Richard Brown took the helm and began by welcoming the Vice Admiral, Asst.P.G.M. Worshipful Brother Trevor Bolton who declined the gavel, happy to pay a watching brief.

His orders of the day were to Install  Brother Keith Harmer, affectionately known as ‘Tigger’ and he was his normal , ebullient, enthusiastic, bouncy self throughout.  Before proceeding , however, Worshipful Brother Alan Webster gave a very moving eulogy in respect of our departed brother, Worshipful Brother Edward, ‘Ted’ , Franckel, well known and highly regarded throughout the Province, a cheerful  helpful man and a keen Freemason.

W.Bro.Richard then obligated, entrusted Bro. Keith with the signs and secrets  and invested him with the badge and Collar/Jewel before placing him the Chair as Worshipful Commander. This was a professional, sincere performance, no ritual books throughout other than the occasional prompt from the Preceptor, as it should be. During the Appointment and Investiture of the Officers an hiatus occurred, the waves cascaded over the gunnels, when W,Bro, Gerry Barker was asked by the W.C.  to bring forward W.Bro.Mervyn Hughes, oh if it were true, memories galore of Ashes cricket, NO W,Bro.Keith meant W.Bro.Mervyn Skinner. The address to the Worshipful Commander was then delivered in imperious, and precise form by Worshipful Brother Ian Mackenzie rounding off  an excellent evening in the Temple.

There was more to come, however, when Worshipful Brother John Fred Clough had the honour of presenting a Grand lodge certificate to their recently elevated brother, Michael Brearley, This he did with his usual style and panache, even to showing of his classic skills by translating the Latin inscriptions, yes I know he had it written down but it sounded good. Only one more comment, when the D.C. asked if there were any other apologies, W.Bro.John Fred gave them on behalf of ‘Patrick’, apparently behind with his dues but I am sure that Clougie will remedy that omission. Who is Patrick, see below… The Festive Board was a delight with succulent Roast Pork and, more importantly, proper cracking and the trimmings.


The Toast to Province was presented by the Senior Warden, Brother Alan Beardmore who thanked the Holders of Provincial Grand rank for all they do for the Lodge.  This was echoed by W.Bro.Trevor in his response adding that the ceremony had been exemplary, particularly the Installing commander, W,Bro,Richard He then drew the attention of the Brethren to the Letter on the web site from the PastD.P.G.M., Worshipful Brother Richard Puttrell who, next year will undertake a  ‘Perimeter Perambulation’. The route will take in the Masonic Halls at Pontefract, Castleford, Wetherby, Knaresborough, Ripon, Barnoldswick, Bottoms, Uppermill, Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster, Thorne and Goole, these being those on the periphery of the Province. This will involve thirteen days of walking along footpaths, bridle ways and some roads bringing the total of miles covered to approximately 230 mile. If you are interested in joining him for any part of this mammoth effort, contact details are on he web site. Finally good news that Claro not only have a potential Candidate but also a joining member, excellent news. Another, most pleasant evening with Brother Royal Ark Mariners, I look forward to the next.

Photo of Ptarick if you can Warren

Worshipful Brother Duncan Smith P.G.S.D.

Communications Manager

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