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At your next installation meeting you may notice something next to the canape fork.  Cards have been printed showing the new URLs for the Cleeves and Whitehead MyDonate pages.  One link takes you to a general donation page which has information about the Trust and its relationship with the MBF during the Festival.  The other takes you to a specific event page which at the moment lands on a page about the Barge Pull in May.

The instructions for the cards are as follows:

place in wallet, take home, donate, repeat as often as you like.


The Pigs are flying again at Slaithwaite

Yes , an opportunity to see Pigs fly, never thought you would see that? Well you won’t in this event either but you will see them racing for a very good cause, the West Yorkshire Mark Benevolent Fund Festival.

Please find attached a flyer with full details of the evening to be held at Slaithwaite Masonic Hall on Saturday, the 24th March commencing at 7.30 p.m.. A healthy Pie and Pea supper is included in the price of £7.50 per person, children are free. Something that can clearly be seen as a Family affair, which was enjoyed by the children, in particular, at last years running. To book in contact John Madigan on 07931343655 or

An opportunity to have a night to remember, a bit different to the norm but in the company of friends, Give it a try.


A performance ‘Par excellence’ at Fearnley Lodge of Mark Master Masons No. 58.

It was a pleasure to see the Masonic Hall at Mirfield with good numbers, fifty five present to see an advancement and a joining member. Those present included Honorary Member, Assistant Grand Master, Right Worshipful Brother Stephen Davison. our own Deputy Provincial Grand Master, Worshipful Brother Alan Oldfield, a member of the Lodge, Assistant Provincial Grand Master, Worshipful Brother Trevor Bolton and Very Worshipful Brother Edward Patnick.. Also in attendance was Worshipful Brother John Vause, the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies and the Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies.

Opening procedures in the very capable hands of the Worshipful Master, Worshipful Brother Rod Dyer, upon a report, R.W.Bro. Stephen was admitted attended by W.Bro.John. He was offered the gavel but having endured a long journey, was very sorry that he could not help, ‘that makes two of us’ said W.Bro,Rod. The Senior Warden, Brother Colin Simmons was then declared Master Elect, I have no doubt that he will have a good year in this busy Lodge, and Worshipful Brother Chris Oldfield confirmed as Treasurer. A Ballot then took place for the Candidate, brother Michael Lodge and the joining member, Worshipful Brother Gene Cunningham, both successfully confirmed. All in order, W.Bro.Gene was admitted and welcomed to the Lodge and the W.M. turned his attention to the advancement.

W.Bro.Rod is an accomplished ritualist and his unflappable, supportive and positive style ensures that the whole team is carried along. In this he is ably supported by the Secretary, Worshipful Brother Philip Oldfield, a stalwart to whom nothing is any trouble, he had been at the Lodge some two hours before hand. Unsurprisingly the ceremony was superb, a particular reference to Brother Warren Marsden who delivered the secrets, a very accomplished performance. It was a warning for Worshipful Brother Tony Mackrell who normally fulfils this duty, you may just be second in line from now on!. The conclusion was delivered with feeling by W.Bro.Rod and that set the seal on a memorable advancement ceremony, not only for Bro.Lodge but for all present. It is important for me to again emphasise that Fearnley ritual is not according to the Book, they have a number of individual aspects, no more to say, visit and see for yourself, you will enjoy.
A sumptuous Festive Board eagerly despatched, the response to the Toast to Grand Lodge was in the safe hands of R.W.Bro.Stephen who thanked the Brethren of the Lodge for giving him the distinction of being an Honorary member, he intends to attend at least one meeting per annum. The Advancement Ceremony had been excellent although it had not escaped his attention that there were some differences to the established Ritual. No matter, a superb meeting demonstrating once again the ‘Magic of the Mark’, hear hear. He also confirmed that he will be attending the Second Northern Variety Show, as will the Pro Grand Master and Deputy Grand Master and the Grand Secretary. This year’s proceeds will go to the West Yorkshire 2023 Mark Benevolent Fund Festival, which has now provided 6 of its proposed 10 Mobile Chemotherapy Units across the UK and is currently in the course of providing 52 new Ambulances and Support Units for St John Ambulance. Our support will help these very worthy causes.
W.Bro. Philip Oldfield then submitted the Toast to the Candidate, Bro.Lodge recommending him as a fully committed Mason who he had no doubt would be an asset, not only to Fearnley Lodge of Mark Master Masons No. 58 but, to Mark Masonry in general. Bro.Michael responded accordingly emphasising that he had found the ceremony most enjoyable and was looking forward to his Mark Masonry.

This was the last meeting where W.Bro. Rod will officiate throughout, the next is the Installation. in many respects he has been a breath of fresh air, and I have only one thing left to say as he departs, BOB ON Rod.

Worshipful Brother Duncan Smith P.G.S.D.

Communications Manager

St Chad Lodge of Mark Master Masons No. 374. Installation, February 2018.

A most enjoyable evening at Castle Grove to witness the Installation of Brother Gilbert Stone, Senior Warden, as Worshipful Master by the Immediate Past Master, Worshipful Brother Denis Parfitt, this being due to the indisposition of the W.M., Worshipful Brother Derrik Allen . A strong team with Worshipful BrotherPaul Leach acting as I.P.M. and augmented by Worshipful Brother Gerald Anthony Granville Barker as Junior Warden, the latter being very promptly elected Treasurer.

Upon a report, Prov.A.G.D.C. Worshipful Brother Ian Lewis was admitted and shortly afterwards the Provincial Senior Warden, Worshipful Brother John Marrison was admitted together with Worshipful Brother Alan Corbridge, Elected member of the Charity Executive. Ready to go, well almost but on a further report the Master Overseer, Worshipful Brother Abdul Thomas was admitted, apologised for his late arrival, traffic problems?, No , Mrs Thomas had gone out with both sets of car keys!!, never heard that one before., Cognisant of the fact that W.Bro.Denis had only 2 weeks notice, he discharged his duties in superb fashion, measured and sincere. A highlight was Worshipful Brother Geoffrey Wilson, in his nineties, delivering the Working Tools only a few week after hip surgery. No surprise to me, W,Bro. Geoffrey was a bomber pilot in the last war, this was easy peasy. Worshipful Brother Richard Brown then explained and presented the Keystone Collaret, impressive and meaningful. The addresses were in the hands of, to the Master, Worshipful Brother Roger Quick, Wardens, Worshipful Brother Graham Ramsden, Overseers, Worshipful Brother Howard Bott and Brethren, W.Bro.John Marrison. All were to an appropriately high standard but that to the W.M. stood out, particularly as it was W.Bro.Rogers own version, I have to confess that in some respects it was better than the original. The remaining agenda items despatched, all adjourned for well earned sustenance at the Festive Board, Chicken breast and Bread and butter pudding with custard, goodbye diet!

The Toast to the Province was suitably submitted by W.Bro.Gerald and warmly acknowledged by W.Bro.John who began by congratulating W.Bro.Gilbert on the honour now conferred upon him and wishing him a very happy year in office. Much is happening in the Province, particularly surrounding the Festival. W.Bro.John drew attention to all the information now available, the front page of the News Letter contains much detail, items on the web site and the Year Book, the latter a mine of information Major events coming up are the Second Northern Masonic Variety Show at Bradford Grammar School, Saturday 14th April and the Barge Pull commencing 2nd May from Barnoldswick, completing 10th May in Leeds. There are numerous other items to tickle your entertainment buds, notably a Pig race at Slaithwaite Masonic Hall, Saturday 24th March, well worth a look. W.Bro.John concluded thanking the Lodge for a most enjoyable evening, generosity of welcome and hospitality.

W.Bro. Richard Brown, Charity Steward proposed the Toast to the Charities, presented a cheque and very quickly returned to his seat awaiting the response from W.Bro. Alan Corbridge which would include the detail he wanted to hear. W. Bro. Alan stressed that despite income constraints occasioned by the Festival, the Cleeves and Whitehaed Trust is in good heart and meeting its obligations. He reminded the Brethren that the Mark Benevolent Fund is 150 years old, stressing that its funding essentially comes from Festivals such as our own. This enables it to support such worthy causes as the ‘Hope for Tomorrow’ Charity providing mobile chemotherapy units to out lying areas and the replacement of ambulances and support vehicles for St John Ambulance. The remainingToasts suitably despatched including the Masters Song sung by Worshipful Brother Barrie Fothergill, all wended their way home having enjoyed another excellent Mark masons meeting.

Smile, be happy and continue to enjoy this wonderful Order,

Worshipful Brother Duncan Smith P.G.S.D.

Communications Manager

Variety Show Update

This reminder has been created by W.Bro.John Gledhill, Past. Asst.Prov.G.M. in the Craft and placed on the Craft Provincial Web site and their Facebook page. It is a useful reminder and whilst ticket sales have now improved, may encourage a few others to not give this a miss, it is worth every penny..

Latest on Variety extravaganza

Versatile violinist/electric violinist Lauren Hinds, who has entertained audiences across the UK and most recently at London’s Royal Festival Hall, is the latest performer signed up for the second Northern Masonic Variety Show.

The splendid Gothic Price Hall at Bradford Grammar School is again the venue on Saturday, 14 April, for an extravaganza staged and managed by the incomparable Freddie “Parrot-face” Davies.

A member for some 50 years of the Chelsea Lodge No 3098, noted for entertainers and showbiz personalities among its members, and now living in North Yorkshire, he will again front a wide-ranging repertoire to suit all tastes.

Lauren is an accomplished soloist who enjoys playing a mixture of popular, classical, and contemporary music. She has regularly performed with groups STORM and the Adelia String Quartet and has appeared at a variety of theatres across France and Belgium. 

Returning by popular demand is versatile impressionist Terry Webster, a one-man musical comedy act, who brought the house down in 2015. Musician, tv and cabaret artiste for some 50 years, Terry is a former front man for the Rockin Berries.

Craft and Mark Lodges have booking details (Tickets £20) and organisers the Bradfordians Concert Committee hope to surpass the £15,000 raised for the 2017 RMBI Festival in 2015.

This year’s proceeds will go to the West Yorkshire Mark Masons 2023 Festival.

To Book your tickets please click here.

Sponsored Barge Pull



Teams are being sought for the Province’s Barge-Pull Festival fundraiser.
From May 2nd to 10th, teams will be pulling The Cray from Barnoldswick to Leeds.

Those wishing to enter a team should contact Edward Wilkinson, details on the flyer.
Donations in support can be made online here:,
or by Lodges as a whole, using the sponsor form: –


West Yorkshire Mark Master Masons, be VERY PROUD

Once upon a time, after consideration of some incidents that had occurred in the wider Masonic community, the Trustees of the Cleeves and Whitehead Trust reflected upon a potential spend of £30000 plus for the benefit of its members and all Masons, their families and friends.

The objects of the Charity are the relief of past and present Mark Master Masons of West Yorkshire and their relatives and dependents who are in distress, need or danger. Also to support such Charities, charitable Institutions and charitable purposes as the Trustees see fit.

Given the amount involved, this took time and research, in fact I recall it was on the Agenda before I retired as Chairman in 2012. It was mainly the brain child of the current Chairman, W. Bro. Andrew Wright together with our current A.P.G.M., W.Bro. Trevor Bolton who succeeded me as Chairman.
The project was the provision of Defibrillators to every Masonic Hall in the Province where a Mark Master Masons Lodge was located and this was finally accomplished when thirty four units were delivered to the Trust in September 2014 at a cost of £1000 each approx.
These were then rolled out across the Province and instructions given as to their use.

The story would end there except some two weeks ago at a meeting of the Prince of Wales Craft Lodge No. 1648 a brother was taken very seriously ill, to all outward appearance he had died of a heart attack. Fortunately the Defibrillator was put to use, the patient recovered but was taken to hospital, returning home the next day to his loved ones.
He is, understandably very grateful for the life saving equipment that was available in the Lodge rooms due to the generosity of the Cleeves and Whitehead Trust, OUR Trust Brethren and the Jewel in the Crown of this wonderful Province.
Be Very Proud.

W Bro Duncan Smith P.G.S.D.

Communications Manager


Caldene Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners No. 501, Installation, 23rd November

Hardly a warm night at Bottoms in a metrological sense, snow flurries having been a possibility in the Pennines, but that most certainly was not the case in the Lodge, the good ship Caldene having weathered the turbulent storms prevalent on the border of Lancashire and back in the haven of rest, Yorkshire.. Warmth of welcome and fellowship abounded, none more so than that from the Worshipful Commander, Worshipful Brother David Kelly. As many of us are aware, W.Bro.David has had serious health issues this year and , therefore, it was not just a delight to see him present on the quarter deck but doing his part in the ceremony.

This was primarily in the hands of one of the Past Skippers Worshipful Brother David Leach, assisted by the Acting Bosun, D.C., Worshipful Brother Steven Littlewood, actually the Scribe, it is truly all hands to the pumps in this boat. The first duty was to welcome Worshipful Brother Edward Patnick, the Representative of the Provincial Grand Master, the Admiral of the Fleet, Very Worshipful Brother James Steggles, G.M.R.A.C.; the focus was then on the promotion of the 1st Lieutenant, Brother Tom Pickard to Worshipful Commander. W.Bro.David Kelly then dealt with the most important part of the ceremony, that of inculcating the key signs and secrets which distinguish the Skipper from the ratings, very emotional point of the ceremony. W.Bro .Leach, a very competent ritualist then took over the helm and dealt with the Key stone collaret and the Address to the new Commander, in between W.Bro. Steven gave the Exhortation, all in exemplary fashion.

I had by now slipped into thinking about the Festive Board to be told of a surprise item, that of the presentation of a Grand Lodge Certificate to Brother John Fitzpatrick by W.Bro. Edward, he has done this before and it showed. Incidentally, Bro.John is an entertainer, singer/comedian and I understand that he will be doing a ‘gig’, yes I am aware of the terminology, in aid of the Festival next Spring, look out for the notice on the web site, well worth coming along.

All then adjourned to the Wardroom and a splendid meal in excellent company, whereupon the Toast to the Province was in the hands of W.Bro Leach which, very sensibly in view of the plethora of Holders of Grand and Provincial Royal Ark Mariner Grand rank, he amended to the Provincial Team, particularly the new Rulers, Worshipful Brother Alan Oldfield, Deputy Provincial Grand Master and Worshipful Brother Trevor, Assistant Provincial Grand Master. The response was in the safe hands of W.Bro.Edward who began by congratulating W.Bro.Tom on attaining the chair and wishing him a happy and healthy year ahead. In an era where technology rules, he reminded all that the information we all need is on the web site, in the Year Book and now in Quarterly News Letters; at this point he slipped in the idea that it might be a good idea to have monthly News Letters, quickly slapped down by yours truly, it would be a nightmare!. He then gave a reminder that we must all work with our Craft Lodges to facilitate new members, this is our life blood. In this regard, he minded W.Bro.Tom to wear his R.A.M Collaret with pride. It will engender interest.

What a wonderful evening , in very pleasant company, but they all were Royal Ark Mariners, no surprise there then.

Smile, be happy, and enjoy your Royal Ark Mariner Masonry.

Worshipful Brother Duncan Smith P.G.S.D.
Communications Manager

Another impressive night of Mark Masonry at Gothic Lodge of M.M.M. No. 1018

A good attendance at the Masonic Hall, Swinton,to witness the Advancement of Brother Jeremy Paul Neal, a member of Gothic Craft lodge No.5238, he has not strayed far in his quest for Mark Masonry; his proposer being W.Bro.John Pease and seconder, W.Bro.Jim Stanley, who also acted as Senior Deacon.

The usual formalities dutifully despatched, culminating in a deep sigh by the Worshipful Master, Worshipful Brother Ralph Adey, he turned his attention to the candidate. This was a ceremony that will not only be remembered by Bro. Neal but also by all who were present. The ritual was generally superb, hardly surprising given the quality and experience of some of those who took part, W.Bro.Stanley and Worshipful Brother Corbridge as Senior and Junior Deacons, affectionately known as ‘Fred Flintstone’ and ‘Barney Rubble with contributions from other dinosaurs and the odd Fossil. With that in mind, the Signs and Secrets by Worshipful Brother Charles Lindsay, Tools by Worshipful Brother Jack Anderson, Address to the Badge by Brother Ian Wright and conclusion by Worshipful Brother Robert Davis, all superbly delivered. I must, however, single out the Overseers, Brothers Alan Bartrop, Sean Cronin and Ian Sunderland not only for the spoken word but for the examination of materials which qualifies them to be members of the Provincial Demonstration Team if they ever wish to be involved. It perhaps was not surprising; W.Bro.Charles is a member of the Team and latterly has taken the role of Master Overseer.

All the while, W.Bro,Ralph played his part, he may not be the best of ritualists which he acknowledges himself, but he evidences a serene authority and composure that communicates to all the Brethren, this ensures an atmosphere of unity and brotherly love . When he came to closing the Lodge he said how much he had enjoyed the evening and that he hoped that we had all found it as pleasurable as him, W.Bro.Ralph we had in spades. Last comment, when Bro. Neal was escorted to a seat in the Lodge, he was left with these parting words from the Senior Deacon, ‘you are on your own now lad’. Typical of the humour and thespian undertone I have always relished at Gothic.

A delicious Festive Board was heartily consumed, lashings of tender Roast beef. Brother Neil Park, the Senior Warden had the honour, for the last time, to propose the Toast to the Worshipful Master, you guessed it, the last time because at the next meeting he will be installed as W.M. for the ensuing year. Well merited, he is an experienced and highly regarded South Yorkshire Mason. He thanked W.Bro.Ralph for his leadership over the past year; the response unsurprisingly succinct,’ I look forward to working with you next year Bro. Neil’. W.Bro Brian Pease gave the toast to Bro.Jeremy who is a member of the Scouting fraternity of which there are many in our ranks. He commended him to the Lodge as a man who has all the attributes of a Freemason and will continue to demonstrate them in the Mark Degree. In return, Bro. Jeremy confirmed that he had enjoyed the ceremony but particularly the welcome that he had received from all present. Yes that is the Mark Degree of which we are all proud.

Delighted to see a visiting Master in the Chair, Worshipful Brother Rick Foster of Britannia Lodge of Mark Master Masons No.53. Perhaps we will see more Masters in the Chair on our travels, as 2018 progresses.

Worshipful Brother Duncan Smith P.G.S.D.
Communications Manager

Second Northern Masonic Variety Show Saturday 14th April 2018

Second Northern Masonic Variety Show
Saturday 14th April 2018

The First Northern Masonic Variety Show launched in 2015 was a great success and raised in excess of £15,000 for the 2017 RMBI Festival.  3 years later the Bradfordians Concert Committee are proud to present :

The Second Northern Masonic Variety Show
With proceeds on this occasion supporting the
West Yorkshire 2023  Mark Benevolent Fund Festival

The Mark Benevolent Fund has now successfully provided 6 of its intended 10 mobile Chemotherapy Units across the UK and is currently financing 52 new Ambulances and support vehicles for St John Ambulance.

The venue will again be the wonderful :

Price Hall at Bradford Grammar School


The services of Freddie “Parrot-face” Davies as producer and compere have once again been secured and he will be introducing a full cast of professional entertainers including :

  • From the world of Musicals and Opera – Cheryl Forbes who performed in the professional stage version of ‘Oliver’
  • Gordon Cree– celebrated Vocalist, Musician, Arranger, and Conductor of the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra
  • Prize winning Clifton & Lightcliffe Brass Band
  • Skelmanthorpe Male Voice Choir
  • And back by popular demand Terry Webster, Singer, Comedian and Vocal Impressionist (formerly with the ‘Rockin Berries’)
  • Plus Special Guest Artiste ..


Bradford Grammar School provides an excellent concert venue

For those who have not been to Bradford Grammar School before it provides an excellent concert venue, with ample secure car parking on site. There will also be a fully licensed bar available.

Once again the Show will be complimented with a raffle, for which some wonderful prizes have already been secured. Raffle tickets will be available towards the end of the year and at the show.

I fully endorse this event, which is for a wonderful cause and will be the highlight of our Festival activities in 2018. It also has the full support of the Craft Province.

Tickets will be allocated in order of booking and can now be secured by completing the Booking Form available here, and returning with your remittance to the address shown.

NB. Accommodation options available on form

Thank you so much for your support                                                 Jim Steggles  Provincial Grand Master


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