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The Re-cycling process in full flow at Britannia Lodge of M.M.M. No. 53

Tapton Hall, Thursday 4th of October and the Worshipful Master, Worshipful Brother Richard Foster opened proceedings at the Installation meeting of Britannia Lodge of M.M.M. No. 53. The first thing to say is that W.Bro. Richard, upon attaining the Chair a year ago, accepted the responsibility inherent in the Role of representing his Lodge around the South Yorkshire I.M.A., what a delight it would be to say the same elsewhere. Thankfully there were two visiting Masters, congratulations to W.Bro. John Hill, Cleeves No.618 and W.Bro. Philip Drury, Escafeld No. 1139 for doing what they are supposed to do, hopefully this will not fall upon deaf ears again.

The lodge opened, upon a report, the Assistant Provincial Grand Master, Worshipful Brother Trevor Bolton, together with Worshipful Brother Alan Corbridge, Elected Member of the Charity Committer and Escort were admitted under the direction of the Asst.P.G.D.C., W. Bro. Charles Lindsay. Attention turned to the Installation, short form for an Installed Master, by the Master elect, W.Bro. Philip Haynes being presented by W.Bro. Norman Oakes. He then delivered his obligation and was placed in the Chair of the Lodge by W.Bro.Richard, congratulations to him for a job very well done.

The Working Tools were then presented and explained by W.Bro. Tony Brailsford followed by the IPM presenting the Keystone Collaret and the Grand Patron Gold Award Collaret, we will see more of this in the near future. The addresses were delivered in excellent fashion by the following;

Worshipful Master,  W,Bro. Richard Foster

Wardens,​​​ W.Bro. David Hayes.

Overseers​, ​​W.Bro. Nick Jacques.

Brethren, ​​​W.Bro. Norman Oakes.

The remaining business concluded, all adjourned for a superb meal courtesy of the Tapton caterers, it is is a pleasure to say that, the food has definitely improved. The Toast to the Province was eloquently proposed by W.Bro.Simon Green  stressing that the Provincial Oficers are a fine body of men, supporting the Lodges and the Brethren in all their endeavours. Nothing to argue with there said W.Bro. Trevor in response, I think Simon can look forward to his Honours! W.Bro. Trevor then announced that a new Lodge, to be known as the Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge is to be established in 2019. As its name indicates it will be for those who have held the Office of Provincial Grand Steward, the Senior Officers will be selected by the PGM who will then select the Junior Warden in future years, the same process as for the Carl Whitehead Lodge of installed Commanders No. 110. Full details will be sent out before the year end, if you qualify and are interested , put your name forward. It will, as with Carl whitehead, meet only twice.

Notes For your diaries;

Musical evenings at Pontefract Masonic Hall with W. Bro. John Whitworth, 27th Oct. and 3thNov.

Almoners Luncheon, Tapton Hall, Monday 5th November,

Gala Ball, Bankfield Hotel Shipley, Saturday, 1st December 2018

Annual Carol Service that will again be held at Brighouse Methodist Church on Sunday, 9th December.

The Toast to the Charities was given by W.Bro. Chris Watson, the response by W.Bro. Alan who emphasised that the Cleeves and Whitehead Trust is in good heart and fulfilling its obligations but Brethren may like to review their donations but only give what you can afford

Of note is the fact that the W.M. was in the chair in 2012 but, because of illness not a period he cares to remember, hence he willingly volunteered to re-cycle himself. There could be some very interesting visits coming up as he is a member of five Lodges in France, he speaks fluent French, he might extend invitations beyond Britannia members? Well perhaps! Amusing vignette, D.C. W.Bro. Nick in charge of the raffle prizes decided he would enter the caterers table Decorations, upon reflection this was dropped, as one wag said,’well at lest he did not raffle the chandelier’.  

Have a great year Britannia, particularly W. Bro. Philip Haynes.

Worshipful Brother Duncan Smith P.G.S.D.

Communications Manager

Carl Whitehead Lodge of R.A.M. No.110, Installed Commanders, October 2018

The Flag Ship of the Fleet berthed at Tapton Hall, the West Yorkshire seafaring community came together almost one hundred attended the Meeting on Saturday, 6thOctober, hardly surprising as it is one of the largest Lodges in the country with 165 matelots at the last count and five more joining members at this meeting; it is also  when the Lodge acts as host for the Provincial Grand Assembly. All assembled upon the foredeck, the Skipper, Worshipful Commander, Worshipful Brother John English opened proceedings and the early items of business were completed, including the admission of the new members.

Upon a report,  Prov. D.C., W.Bro. John Vause was admitted, this was the prelude to the Admiral of the Fleet, Provincial Grand Master, R.W.Bro. James Steggles G.M.R.A.C. being admitted together with an escort which included the D.P..G.M., W.Bro. Alan Oldfield, A.P.G.M. W.Bro. Trevor Bolton. R.W.Bro. Jim was offered the helm (sceptre) which, on this occasion, he accepted and began by placing his team of officers in position. The main business was to Appoint and Invest the newly crowned Holders of Provincial Royal Ark Mariner Grand Rank being as follow;

W.Bro. Richard Brown, ​​Pudsey 658

W.Bro. Chris Oldfield​​, Dewsbury 641

W.Bro. Alex Steele, ​​​Elmeete 111

W.Bro. Maurice Warner, ​​Portal 127

W.Bro. Martyn Hudson​​, Bronte 535

W.Bro. Philip Drury​​, Prince Edward 14

W.Bro. Les davy​​​, Abbey 768

W.Bro. Martyn Millward ​, Pontefract 878

W.Bro. Ronald Oldfield​​, Thorne 1004

W.Bro. John Madigan​​, Fearnley 58

W.Bro. David Key​​​, Caldene 501

W.Bro. Geoff Kendall​​, Welcome 651

W.Bro. Alan Pendleton​​, Old York TI

W.Bro. Adrian Unsworth, ​​Hipperholme 715

W.Bro. Andrew Brown, ​​Dewsbury 641

The Provincial Grand Master in his address to the Brethren said that first of all it was pleasure it is to be with everyone and he thanked the Worshipful Commander and Brethren of the Carl Whitehead Lodge for once again hosting the Assembly. He then gave notice of the names of the Brethren who will receive Royal Ark mariner Grand Rank at the Annual Assembly to take place on December 11th, they are as follows:

W.Bro.David Spivey ​​of Thorne 1004          

W. Bro.Gerry Barker ​​of Pudsey 658          

W.Bro,Jack Acton ​​​of St Hiev 1079          

W.Bro.Bolton​​​ of Elmete 111            

W.Bro.Fraser McPherson ​ ​of Truth 137

Congratulations to them all, and I hope that as many of you as possible can be with them in London on the 11th December to help them celebrate their achievements.

He then reminded the Brethren, that it had been another busy year for the Order, Consecration of the Rugby Football Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners No 1965 in May, dedication a new Provincial Banner in June and Welcome Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners No 651 celebrated its Centenary just over a week ago. We have also had a full Social Calendar this year, with several events still to come. Neil Diamond Tributes by John Whitworth on 27th October and 3rd November, with seats still available for both shows. Our Christmas Ball on 1st December which promises to be a spectacular event, with over 150 tickets and 67 rooms already booked at the Hotel. Tickets are still available for that brethren. And our Carol Service will once again be held at Brighouse on 9th December this year

We will be having another sponsored event next year, when our Past Deputy Provincial Grand Master, Richard Puttrell, attempts to walk the perimeter of the Province. It’s about 230 miles brethren, so please sponsor him, and his blisters, as generously as you can. Brethren, it is the fundraising in our Lodges, over the next 4 years, which will guarantee the success, or otherwise, of our Festival in 2023. So please look at organising those small events in your Lodges, the Race Nights, Afternoon Teas, Canal Walks, Treasure Hunts, Pig Races etc. – which together will bring in much more than the Province can between now and 2023. Your help in your Lodges is critical to our success.

Individual Standing Orders to the Cleeves and Whitehead Trust have noticeably increased over the last 2 years, but we still have only about a third of brethren in the Province giving regularly. So, whilst you should only give what you can, brethren, and I cannot stress that enough, I also ask you to consider again your personal donations to the Trust. I can also announce for the first time that we are looking at the design and manufacture of a Royal Ark Mariner Banner for the Province, which we hope to be ready in time to Dedicate it before the end of next year. In addition, I can also announce that we are looking at the formation of a new Mark Provincial Grand Stewards’ Lodge next year, to help provide Stewards for the Festival, as well as for future Provincial Meetings and other Major Events.

Finally it is good to see the Travelling Porphyry Stone here safely with us today brethren, although it took some finding from under the rubbish this year. Bob Corfield did eventually find it, but if your Lodge receives it this year, brethren, please make sure you follow the instructions which go with it, which includes letting Bob know where it is; that will ensure it returns again safely to this meeting next year.

May Wisdom, Strength and Beauty continue to guide all your footsteps; and may God bless you all.

W.Bro. John having re-occupied the Chair, one major item of business remained, to declare the Senior Warden, W.Bro. Robert Winterflood, Commander Elect for the ensuing which was done. and received with acclamation. The remaining detail completed the Lodge was closed in due form with all adjourning for the Festive Board held on the Mess Deck

This took place in the presence of the Ladies which added much colour to the occasion and, different conversation topics, yes I doubt that Masonic promotions were hardly mentioned!!.  All then wended their way down the gang plank and a pleasant return voyage to their home Port.

It is a joy to be a member of his Wonderful Fraternity, if you are not look into it NOW.

A great night of Mark Masonic Fellowship at Integrity Lodge of M.M.M. No.110

A veritable swarm of Mark Masons descended upon the Masonic Hall, Zetland Street, Wakefield, Thursday 27th September to witness the Installation of Brother Alex Baskeyfield as Worshipful Master; the car park was full to the brim with overflow in the Trinity Walk development.

The opening formalities duly despatched, the Worshipful Master, W.Bro.Michael Brearley welcomed the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, Worshipful Brother Alan Oldfield. The gavel was offered and the reply was as predicted , many thanks but there is someone else who is coming who might say yes. That was the Assistant Provincial Grand Master, Worshipful Brother John Trevor Bolton  who, having been announced by Worshipful Brother Charles Lindsay, Provincial Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies, was admitted accompanied by Worshipful Brother Peter Riggall, Elected  Representative of the Charity Committee.The gavel was again declined, W.Bro.Trevor happy to maintain a watching brief.

The installing team then took post and W.Bro.Frank Milner presented the Master elect, Bro.Alex for Installation, this being appropriate as W.Bro.Frank was his proposer. The necessary introductory questions safely navigated, Bro. Alex was duly obligated , invested with the Collar and Badge of Worshipful Master and placed in the Chair of Integrity Lodge of M.M.M.No.110 by W.Bro. Michael who could feel very proud of a task superbly performed. The Installed Board was then closed and Brethren admitted,  Then followed the presentation of the Working Tools by W.Bro. Mike Nowell and the explanation of the Key Stone Collaret by V.W.Bro. Richard Puttrell, both in excellent order.

The Appointment and Investiture of the Officers for the year was then attended, what goes around, comes around and V.W.Bro. Richard Puttrell was again in the Director of Ceremonies seat, seems appropriate as he was the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies for a number of years, I think that he knows what he is doing. In accordance with Lodge custom the IPM, W.Bro Frank was appointed Tyler with the words from W.Bro.Alex ringing in his ears; “W.Bro.Frank you brought me into the Craft and the Mark and it now gives me great pleasure to kick you out of the Lodge for the next year”, laughter galore and W.Bro.Frank struck dumb, not often you see that. The Addresses were then undertaken, in fine form , by as follows:

    The Worshipful Master,  W, Bro. Michael Nowell,

    The Wardens,  W.Bro,  Tony Stanier,

    The Overseers, W.Bro.  Nick Hopwood and

    The Brethren,  W.Bro.  Trevor Bolton, Asst.P.G.M.

The remaining items of business efficiently negotiated, the Lodge was closed and a Five course Festive Board beckoned, not unusual for this Lodge. Choice throughout,  Chicken or Steak Pie for main course and three sweets plus Cheese and biscuits, all for £15, not worth cooking for yourself is it?

Appetites satisfied, the Toast list reached the point where Worshipful Brother Frank Lefley arose to present the ‘ Crawlers Toast’ as it is universally known, that to the Province. Unsurprisingly this was eloquently delivered with comments such as , where would we be without the Provincial Officers, it is they who keep the wheels turning. In his response, W.Bro. Trevor did not demur and warmly congratulated all who had taken part, but particularly W.Bro.Michael for his smooth, professional work with no ritual book in sight, in accordance with the-request from the PGM.   He then drew attention to the Installed Masters Association, delighted to see Worshipful Brother Brian Smart, President of the Leeds and District I.M.A. present.  He emphasised that the IMA is for all Mark Master Masons in the Province who are welcome to all Lodge visits and suggested that, when IMA’s have committee meetings, to have them prior to a Lodge night when they could stay and swell the numbers, first class idea.

Notes for your diaries;

Musical evenings at Pontefract Masonic Hall with W. Bro. John Whitworth, 27th Oct. and 3thNov.

Almoners Luncheon, Tapton Hall, Monday 5th November,

Gala Ball, Bankfield Hotel Shipley, Saturday, 1st December 2018

Annual Carol Service that will again be held at Brighouse Methodist Church on Sunday, 9th December.

Almoners Luncheon, Cedar Court Monday 1st April 2019,

Last, but not least, 19th April 2019, Provincial Grand Lodge Meeting at Bradford.

The Toast to the Charities was proposed by Worshipful Brother Ian Storey who presented a cheque from the Lodge to the W.Y.M.B.F.F.. This was acknowledged by W.Bro. Peter who reminded Brethren that 2018 was the 150th Anniversary of the M.B.F. who have provided £350k for Blood Bikes nationally and £3.2 million pounds to St John Ambulance, the first vehicles have now been delivered. In addition the last mobile chemotherapy unit, under the Charity ‘Hope for Tomorrow’ has been sited at Airedale Hospital. The Cleeves and Whitehead Trust is in good order and responding swiftly to aid any Brother when required, The regular contributions by standing order, however, remain stagnant, in percentage terms no different than ten years ago, please give this some thought but only give what you can afford. Time had moved on and the remaining Toasts were competently despatched, particularly the response to the visitors by the venerable V.W.Bro Sam Kilburn, a delight to see him present.

A night where the wonderful nature of the Mark degree was on full display,

Smile, be very happy for you are a Mark Master Mason

Worshipful Brother Duncan Smith P.G.S.D.

Communications Manager

Sing along with ‘Neil Diamond’ and Songs from the Sixties

Still time for those of you who have not decided upon anything useful to do on
Saturday the 27th October and 3rd November.
Yes, you can still join many of us who have already committed to see John Whitworth and hear the music that we all remember and love.
Both opportunities are to be  held at Pontefract Masonic Hall, Time 6.30 pm for 7 p.m.
with Supper of Steak Pie, peas and potatoes included for a give away price of £14.50.


Those of you who are regular attendees are familiar with the excellent renditions in the style of Neil Diamond, augmented by the factual stories that John has gleaned over the years;  also there will be a number of new ones and some memories of the Sixties, good news for our generation!!

Flyers are available below. – Choose your evening, complete the form, enclose payment and despatch as soon as possible.
Do not be miserable just sitting on your derrière watching ‘Strictly’, you can record it,
Get up and about and enjoy yourself.


W.Bro. Duncan Smith

Sincerity Lodge of Mark Master Masons No. 943 Installation 2018

Thursday, 103h September at 5p.m. and the Worshipful Master, Worshipful Brother Chris Bowler opened the Sincerity Lodge of Mark Master Masons no. 943 at Tapton Masonic Hall, Sheffield. The purpose of the meeting was to install the Senior Warden, Brother John Smith as the Eighty fourth Worshipful Master, for the ensuing year.

The opening formalities concluded the Provincial Grand Master, Right Worshipful Brother James Steggles G.M.R.A.C was admitted accompanied by Worshipful Brother  Mark Kenyon, Representative of the Charity Committee, under the direction of Prov. A.G.D.C., W. Bro. John Grey.. W.Bro. Chris then, in accordance with custom,  offered the Gavel to the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master, very certain of the response, he was not disappointed, and moved on.  From the outset, he was professional and assured, no ritual books in sight, the occasional prompt, and in a manner that ensured that the Master Elect, W. Bro. John had a smooth passage to the Chair.  Throughout he was ably supported by  as follow

Working Tools explained by W.Bro. Charles Jarman,

Addresses;  to the Worshipful Master, W, Bro. Philip Schofield,

      ;  to the Wardens, W.Bro. Dennis Goodison,

      ;  to the Overseers, W.Bro. John Beresford and

     .;  to the Brethren by R.W.Bro. James Steggles.

The Past Masters Jewel was the presented, in a clearly emotional manner, by his good friend, W. Bro. Robert Carnall. They had obviously shared many Masonic,  and other occasions, and this one manifestly meant a lot to them. The remaining business despatched, the Festive Board beckoned.

The Toast to the P.GM.  and Grand Lodge was warmly and carefully negotiated by W.Bro. John Donnelly, it is not known as the crawlers Toast for nothing. R.W.Bro Jim began by remembering the very successful Joint Mark meeting by the Tapton Lodges and was delighted that Sincerity had picked up the baton to repeat the event in July 2019, date to be confirmed in early Jan. He hopes that a Candidate will be found as, if not, it will be himself!! He thanked W.Bro.Tom McDougall for his work for the Festival, particularly in confirming that the Festival Dinner in 2023 will be held at the Harrogate Centre, Whilst mentioning the Festival , he announced that the Chairman, V.W.Bro. Richard Puttrell was to lead a team to do the perimeter walk, that is around the boundary of our Province, 231 MILES Overs 13 DAYS. Calm down, full details will be available in the next News Letter but there will be few doing the full distance;  hopefully, many of us can get involved in short stints. Small event are the way froward for the Festival such as Luncheons, coffee mornings, short walks and Meal at a local Hostelry, things the majority of us can do and, most importantly, ENJOY.

Notes for your diaries;

Saturday 6th October: Provincial Grand Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners meeting held under the banner of the Carl Whitehead Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners No. 110, Tapton Hall.

Musical evenings at Pontefract Masonic Hall with W. Bro. John Whitworth, 27th Oct. and 3thNov.

Gala Ball, Bankfield Hotel Shipley, Saturday, 1st December 2018

Annual Carol Service that will again e held at Brighouse Methodist Church on Sunday, 9th December.

Last, but not least, 19th April 2019, Provincial Grand Lodge Meeting at Bradford.

The Toast to the Charities was  delivered by Worshipful Brother Derek Bullivant and sincerely acknowledged by W.Bro. Mark Kenyon on behalf of the Charities. He reminded the Brethren that the focus of Fund raising activities was the Festival but that the Cleeves and Whitehead Trust maintains its commitments to the Brethren, relatives and dependents of the West Yorkshire Province of Mark Master Masons both present and past and, In this connection , the next Almoners Luncheon is to be held on Monday 5th November. Whilst being conscious of the demands upon Brethren, he observed that the percentage of Brethren in the Province contributing by Standing order was still 31%. This is only marginally higher than when I was Chairman of Trustees, 29% or so then, some 10 years ago. It has to be acknowledged that whilst there have been new contributors,  there have been cancellations mostly from the sad death of our Brethren. Give what you can afford is still the message.

Another wonderful Mark occasion, Be Happy.

Worshipful Brother Duncan Smith P.G.S.D.

Communications Manager

Leeds and District Installed Masters Association, A.G.M., July 2018

The hunger pangs dispersed with a delightful Festive Board, appropriate to the hot weather, the President, Worshipful Brother Richard Brown welcomed all present, particularly distinguished guests being the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, Worshipful Brother Alan Oldfield, the Assistant Provincial Grand Master, Worshipful Brother Trevor Bolton and well known bargee, Past Assistant Provincial Grand Master, Very Worshipful Brother John Fred Clough. Also in attendance, and something I am delighted to report, were Worshipful Brother Steve Spooner, President of the Huddersfield, Halifax and Districts Installed Masters Association and his predecessor, Worshipful Brother John Davis. There were no representatives from either of the other two Associations and it is appropriate to remind all Officers of the Associations that there raison d’etre is to promote visiting, a good idea therefore to visit sister Associations Annual Meetings, they may reciprocate.

       The initial Agenda items addressed, W. Bro Richard then gave his end of year report.  He had visited most of the Lodges in his area whilst balancing work, family and other commitments, one being his role as an Assistant Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, He thanked all for their attendance, including the Social events, being a Luncheon and Gala Dinner and paid particular attention to the support from his Wife, Jayne and the Officers and representatives of the Association. During the year the Association has continued to present the incoming Master with a letter of encouragement urging them to be present at the Provincial Grand Lodge meeting, Association visits and to set an example in delivering ritual without books, but always mindful of those Brethren with problems. This is an interesting initiative and one to be applauded, it is however a suggestion and it is up to each Lodge to make their own judgement.

The President then invested his successor wishing him a very happy and successful year in Office, the new Team being;

President,   W. Bro. Brian Smart, Ainsty Lodge.

Senior Vice President,  W. Bro.  David Keith, Castle Lodge.

Junior Vice President,  W. Bro. David Lees, Knaresborough Castle Lodge.

The remaining Officers were then appointed, no changes, Secretary  Worshipful Brother Gerry Barker, W. Bro. Les Davy was re appointed as Treasurer with W. Bro. Ian Tillett continuing as Assistant Secretary and W. Bro. David Todd continuing as Assistant Treasurer.

The President, W. Bro. Brian then thanked the Brethren, it being a privilege and honour to be President and he was looking forward to a most enjoyable year with the support of the Officers and Brethren.

The Deputy Provincial Grand Master, Worshipful Brother Alan Oldfield then addressed the meeting and began by congratulating the President and his newly installed Team; also thanking W. Bro. Richard for all that he had done over the past year. He emphasised that a key objective of the Associations was that of visiting, a fundamental reason behind the original founding of the IMA’s. which were the idea of Worshipful Brother Frank Goodall Whitworth during the time that Right Worshipful Brother Carl Whitehead was Provincial Grand Master. Past Masters charge incoming Worshipful Brethren as ambassador of the Lodge to support IMA visits with Wardens, and brethren, friendships are made  which last a lifetime. The P.G.M. has mentioned in his address at Provincial Grand Lodge that Brethren should try to learn the ritual,  Reading from a book does not give the correct impression to our Candidates who will think they can do the same which is not healthy for our order. We must  remember that, whilst it is the ideal situation to perfect our ritual, we have to recognise that there may be good reasons why a few individuals are unable to learn the words and encourage them to do their best, nothing more.  Unfortunately the proposed Fayre and Barbecue on the 5th August had to be cancelled as contractual complications were arising due to the lack of confirmed numbers. A similar situation was evident in respect of the Variety Show because we, as Freemasons, are habitual late bookers. Unfortunately, in the real world, where contracts are involved decisions regarding the viability of these events have to be made We have several hard-working Provincial and Lodge committees trying to find ways of Fund raising, organising events only to be let down because we didn’t get on and send in the booking. Perhaps we can all try to adjust our thinking during this festival period. If you like the look of it, well get on and book it. Remember Brethren we are all in this together for the fun and enjoyment, we have a wonderful organisation, please remember: Freemasonry makes better men out of men, through the magic of the Mark, Mark Masonry makes better Masons of Masons.

A most enjoyable evening, Smile, be happy and do not forget, Enjoy your Mark Master Masonry.

Worshipful Brother Duncan Smith P.G.S.D.  

Communications Manager

Royal Ark Mariner Masonry sails to the Moon, figuratively of course, at Fearnley No.58.

Wednesday, 15th August, together with a goodly number of visiting shipmates, the Crew of the Fearnley Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners gathered in the Mess Room;  the ship being moored at Southwood. Their meetings are always preceded by the customary refuelling session of Gammon and the trimmings; this is also followed by a delicious selection of cakes, very well received.

Suitably replete the assembled company adjourned to the Fore deck and were addressed by the ‘Skipper’,  Worshipful Brother Lance Milburn, Worshipful Commander. He advised that the voyage would be of a short duration and immediately dealt with the opening items of business which led to the main Agenda item that of a lecture entitled  ‘Freemasons on the Moon’ given by W.Bro. Lance himself who has had a passion for these matters since the age of 11, yes a long time ago, 1968 to be precise.

This was a fascinating address, illustrated by film clips  as it transpired that many of the Astronauts were Freemasons, notably Buzz Aldren who, whilst being the second man to walk on the Moon, was the first Freemason. Being a man of Faith, after problems with the landing of the lunar module piloted by Neil Armstrong, famously the ‘ Eagle has landed ‘ mission, thanked the Almighty for their deliverance as they only had a few seconds before the craft would have plunged to the surface, He also described the Moon as ‘Magnificent desolation’, I would have liked to have met him. This was an absorbing presentation, well worth seeing, bear it in mind for future meetings Brethren. Next on the list of business was the declaration  of W.Bro. Lance as Commander Elect for the ensuing year, another year at the helm, with W.Bro. Alan Hines continuing to navigate the perilous waters of Treasurer.

I had intended to be at their previous meeting and therefore take this opportunity to record the Elevation of W.Bro. Martin Peter Longbottom, known to most of us as Son in Law of our dearly departed Past.P.G.M., R.W.Bro. Bram Morley . Having been admitted into the Lodge he was obligated by the W.C., W.Bro Lance The Acting Senior Deacon, Bro. John Fitzpatrick  then instructed him on the method of advancement from West to East and the Secrets of the Degree were entrusted to him by W Bro. Richard Puttrell. Subsequently he was invested with the Badge and Jewel of the Order and the Working Tools of the Degree were named and explained by W Bro. John Madigan. Finally the Triangular Perambulations were explained by  the W.C, and the Nine Steps by W Bro. Ian Pattinson, I have no doubt that Bram will have been watching with pleasure as the Fraternity was his favourite Order. When in conversation with Martin, I asked what had struck him most about the Fraternity; no doubt in his mind, the sincerity of the ceremony and the happy, cheerful disposition of all present, yes that is Royal Ark Mariner.

The business concluded, back to the Mess for a small libation and the Toasts which were short and swiftly delivered, that to the W.C. in the hands of W.Bro Ian who congratulated him on his work in the Temple. In response W,Bro. Lance thanked all for coming, a good attendance, and sat down. Toast to the visitors followed given by W Bro. John Denison who mused that time had inexorably moved to this moment and thanked W.Bro. Lance for his erudite explanation of how American Freemasonry had taken over the Moon.  Responding, Brother Warren Marsden commented that the high tea was very enjoyable and a pleasant change from the norm. He agreed that the Lecture had been very interesting and informative and that all the visitors had enjoyed the warmth of the welcome and would surely come again.

Saluting the Quarter Deck upon departure, all safely navigated to their home Ports after another special evening of Royal Ark Mariner Masonry, Smile, Be happy.

   Worshipful Brother Duncan Smith P.G.S.D.  

    Communications Manager

A Musical Adventure in the Company of John Fitzpatrick – 29th Sep 2018

By kind permission of the Caldene Lodge of Mark Master Masons No. 501 who are hosting the event, you are invited to join them for an evening of music in the company of Brother John Fitzpatrick.

Whilst the name may mean nothing to you,  he has only been a Mark Master Mason for some three years after being advanced into Caldene Lodge, he has already had two successful evenings at Bottoms Masonic Hall. At the suggestion of the Chairman of the Festival Committee, V.W.Bro. Richard Puttrell, he agreed to have this years offering at Greenhead Masonic Hall  which, whilst offering a larger entertainment  is also better situated geographically

Caldene have kept this secret well hidden, he is a Professional Singer and, as members of the Carl Whitehead Lodge can testify a very competent one. He will be doing a selection of 50’s, 60’s and standards with the occasional modern offering thrown in; small of stature but possessed of a powerful instrument, this will be well worth the trip.

Date; Saturday, 29th September,   Venue; Greenhead Masonic Hall, Huddersfield.

Cost; Adults, £12.50, Children, £5.00,     Pie and Pea Supper included.

Raffle; No surprise here, a raffle will be held for the Festival,  your generous prizes would be appreciated.

I know that I have said this before but we are very fortunate in Mark Masonry to have quality entertainers in our midst who give their time and talent freely for good causes. You would have to pay of the order of £25 each were it a commercial venture so it will be money well spent, I look forward to seeing you there.

W.Bro. Duncan Smith P.G.S.D.
Communications Manager

Download the attached flyer for full details of how to book

Mobile Cancer Care Unit arrives at Airedale Hospital

A Mobile Cancer Care Unit, funded by the Mark Benevolent Fund (MBF) for the Charity ‘Hope for Tomorrow’, has arrived at Airedale Hospital, West Yorkshire. Staff are currently being trained and it is expected that the unit will go into service in the Autumn.

This is the 7th such Unit to be funded by the MBF across the UK at a cost of some £260,000 each and it is hoped that the Airedale unit will make a huge difference for patients in the north of the Province who historically have had to travel long distances to receive treatment.

Mobile Cancer Care Unit arrives at Airedale Hospital

The MBF also relaunched its partnership with St John Ambulance earlier this year, with a pledge to fund 52 new state of the art Ambulances and support vehicles over the next two years at a cost of over £3M. This will replace many of the Ambulances which the MBF originally provided to each Province in the year 2000.

Several Mark Masons in the Province also took part in a Charity Walk through the Royal Parks of London in 2017, which raised over £437,000 for the MBF. Much of this will be used to fund ‘Blood Bikes’ across the UK for the National Association of Blood Bikes, including one presented to Whiteknights Yorkshire Blood bikes on 17th  August this year.

The Provincial Grand Master with Whiteknights Area Manager Andy Dickens at the Blood Bikes presentation

The MBF celebrated its 150th Anniversary in 2018, and as well as disbursing many millions of pounds to individual petitioners, has donated an even greater sum to charities in the wider community and worthy causes around the world. Other recent major grants have been to the Osteoporosis Society, the RNLI to help fund a lifeboat and to Addenbrooke’s Hospital Trust for machines to assist in the early diagnosis of prostate cancer.

Donations to the Mark Benevolent Fund can be made via the West Yorkshire 2023 MBF Festival or by your regular personal giving to the Cleeves and Whitehead Trust.

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